Safety & Training

G.D. Heil prides itself on safety. Our company goal is to have no work related injuries. We strongly believe that a clean, safe and healthy environment should be provided and that every reasonable precaution is taken to do so. Safety awareness courses are held monthly for all supervisors and weekly for all field employees. All of our field supervisors have a minimum of 30 hours of OSHA training along with CPR/First Aid certifications and some more specific qualifications such as lead and asbestos awareness.

At Heil, we enjoy a rich history of innovation. From being first to employ the latest in demolition technology, to our comprehensive safety, education and training programs – Heil excels!

An active demolition site is a dynamic, fast paced environment involving personnel having a wide range of specialty training and experience levels. Site supervision is critical. That’s why we developed the OVER system. OVER stands for “Onsite Visual Experience Recognition”. In simple terms, a site supervisor can instantly recognize an employee’s experience, equipment and certification status according to his helmet badges. As an employee earns equipment proficiency certifications, he is awarded a helmet badge allowing a site supervisor to instantly determine that only properly trained personnel operate critical equipment. This further adds to Heil’s impressive performance and safety record!

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